The eyes and lymphatics

#Import 2023-06-26 23:24

The eyes and lymphatics

Caroline Teske

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Ever wonder why you get swelling under eyes? Certainly collagen loss with too many birthdays can create less tone to our skin causing lid lag.  Supplementing with collagen can sometimes help.  Your skin needs nutrition too.
BUT what if lower lid swelling happens and comes and goes.  Have you considered periorbital edema from lymphatic block?  The lymph removes toxins and if they it is blocked you can get stagnant pooling around the eyes.  

Having your optometrist assess your eye health is critical but having a team around you and preventing illness is equally important.  A nutritionist can help support good nutrition and a Registered Massage Therapist specializing in lymphatics drainage can also help.  Be proactive with your health not reactive to illness.